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Welcome to Vienna Veterinary Clinic.

Our Mission:

To keep beloved pets happy and healthy in a friendly environment to be well and get well. We will always be available when you need us and take the time to explain all options available to you in a professional way. We will always provide an unrivaled level of care and service that people will be happy to recommend.

Our Vision:

We aim to go above and beyond so that your pets can thrive! 

About Us

With more than 25 years of combined veterinary experience within the UAE, we pride ourselves on providing total care for pets. From choosing the most suitable family pet through to routine vaccinations and neutering, medical treatments and healthy pet food advice, as well as major veterinary surgery and geriatric care.

Services We Offer

✓ Health checks, vaccinations and preventative treatments
✓ X-ray & ultrasound
✓ Surgery & orthopaedics
✓ Pet behaviour & nutrition
✓ Laboratory tests and health profiles
✓ Dermatology
✓ Dentistry
✓ Travel advice, planning and preparation



“I first came to know Vienna Veterinary Clinic, when I adopted my first cat Dizzy from their establishment. 
Michaela and her staff are always pleasant, courteous and wonderful with both of my cats, (yes I have 2 now!). I'm so glad to have found them.” 

Susan Turner
"Hands down best vet clinic in Dubai, and we've tried so many!! Super helpful, give great advice and are willing to spend as much time with you as you need, they don't make you feel rushed. Friendly and genuine, recommended for first time pet owners or anyone without any kind of hesitation..."
Yaseen Samkari
"This clinic checks all the boxes for customer care, knowledge and professionalism! They've taken excellent care of our little Morris and we're treated as part of the family. We'd give 10 stars out of 5 if possible"
Carl Gorton
"Took my cat, Bruno, to the vet as he had a barrel tummy and was acting strange. Appointment easily made to suit me, easy to find and park. Reception staff were great and efficient The vet, Dr Michaela, was prompt and professional. Bruno had a good examination and we got lots of time to have his history taken. Given good advice and minimal drugs to sort out the problem. Very happy with the service and Vienna will now be out regular vet. Thanks."
Andy Williamson
"I took my cat to Vienna Vet when he was suffering from a serious urinary complication. They diagnosed it immediately and did their best to accommodate his nervous nature during his stay at the vet. Vienna Vet saved his life. They are a great team, friendly, professional and willing to discuss different treatment options. I highly recommend them."
Nick Greenwell
"Dr. Michaela at Vienna Clinic had literally saved our cat’s life. We came to Vienna with our cat that was diagnosed (and treated) wrongly by two other Vet clinics in Dubai. Dr. Michaela’s in-depth approach and her outstanding experience helped to identify the correct diagnosis, and get the right treatment for our cat. We are so grateful for Dr. Michaela’s help and would highly recommend the Vienna Clinic." 
Danna Simon
"These guys truly care! I haven't got animals of my own but I brought in a stray cat that was injured a while ago and the care and love they gave it was wonderful. If I had pets of my own I would only bring them here. Thank you Debby for being so helpful on the phone and in person!!!!

Janey May
"I can't speak highly enough of the staff at this clinic. What a credit they are to the owners! The way the receptionists put me at ease on the phone and in person was nothing like my previous 3 vets and the attention my furbaby received was wonderful. We felt like part of the family :) Thank you for a stress free vet visit (for once)!"
Laura Walters
"My 2 Turkish Angora went for yearly vaccination. They was treated with so much care and affection by Dr.Valerie and the nurses.
Dr.Valerie successfully confort,relax and apply the medicine to my impossible moody and aggressive cat. Her valuable advices helped me to take better care of my cats.
Mrs. Diane, was so helpful, successfully remove my worries,and I thank her for the warm welcoming.
Mr.Kevin, lovely , polite and kind gentleman, is following up their health condition after vaccination.
Prices are acceptable if we are keen to offer best care to out pets.
I would give them 10 stars ....but there are only 5....."

Adriana Alyaei
"Our cat needed a major operation, the team at Vienna Vet were absolutely incredible, they guided me coming up to the operation, performed the operation and guided me thereafter. They are the only veterinary clinic I have been to where all the staff genuinely care about the animals that they are treating rather than just seeing them as a means to make money. Our cat is only alive today because of Vienna Vet's expertise, kindness and generosity.
Thank you Dr Valerie and Team.
May your kindness be reciprocated in your favor."

Mark Bennett
"Great doctors, I always feel like I am going to see the doctor for my self with the quality they have over there. Very kind friendly staff members and make my life and my dogs life much better. My dog Tango little Pom gets into a lot of mess but Vienna has never siezed to surprise me with their magic. After a week or 2 he becomes perfectly fine."
Eifaad Khan
"Thank you Dr Sally, you are the best vet we could have asked for and we were so lucky to have you to look after our baby Dastaan. You are an angel and we will forever be grateful to you. 
Warm Regards from Shoaib and me!"

Saher N Bakshi