With more than 25 years of combined veterinary experience within the UAE, we pride ourselves on providing total care for pets. From choosing the most suitable family pet through to routine vaccinations and neutering, medical treatments and healthy pet food advice, as well as major veterinary surgery and geriatric care. Our nose-to-tail annual physical examination is extremely thorough and comprehensive.

Our Doctors trained in globally respected Veterinary Colleges in Vienna, the UK and France. Vienna Vets work to the Highest Veterinary Standards.

Vienna Vets is committed to ensuring the best possible service and care for you and your pets.

Core Principles:


We believe that trust between you and our team is the most important factors for building a long term relationship. Our vets truly want to know their patients (and owners!). All of our team endeavour to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decisions for your pets


Ethical and honest behaviour is fundamental to all staff at Vienna Vets and to all medical practices. Our highly trained team will always be on hand to give you all of the options that are available to you and your animals.


Providing quality care. Practicing Evidence Based Medicine, all supported by quality service to our clients.


Growth to provide ongoing investment into our practice to continue to provide the ultimate care and service.